Advice and shared experience

Just had my colposcopy yesterday, took longer than had been told. Iodine test showed very obvious area that wouldn't take the colour, also they found something they put needle in but said really solid and hard no fluid. Took 5 biopsy samples, and told I would get a letter in a few weeks ☹️ Now just stressing ☹️

Sorry to hear that you're stressed. It's difficult to know what they mean when they make comments like "solid and hard". Did they give you any more explanation?

They probably won't be able to say anything for sure until the biopsy samples come back, and they'll advise you what they need to do next.

Just have to sit tight and wait for the letter. I know it's frustrating. x

Thanks Summer-Rain, nice to hear a voice outside of my head :)

So pleased your journey went well, Im just finding the waiting so hard like everyone esle does  I know. X