advice and positive stories please! spots on lungs/stomach

Hi all,

I'm desperately needing advice and positive stories from ladies!!

In a nutshell- was meant to have a hysterectomy for stage 2 cc but when they opened me up it had started to spread through perimetrial wall and into lymph nodes so they abandoned the hysterectomy and took out several nodes. I then had chemo/radio for 5 1/2 weeks then 2 internal brachy. I had my 3 month pet scan results Friday and although my pelvic area is clear it has spread. I have 'spots' - a couple at the top of my stomach, a couple in my lungs, one on my spine and in my neck. 

Obviously I'm gutted and completely freaking out!! My Dr has said the plan is to give me chemo - carboplatin, taxon and avastin. He didn't seem particularly positive which I find upsetting.

Anyway, does anyone out there have something positive to share please?? I'm trying so hard to be strong but inside I'm terrified.

Thanks xxx


Sorry not at the point, yet, of being able share anything useful, but wanted to send you big hugs as I can well imagine how you are feeling.

Molly xxxxxxxx

Hi Sweetheart,

I am going to try and be as uplifting as I can for you((HUG))

There is a lady on here called Lou,she is doing really

well living with her cancer as a terminal illness.I am

sure when she see's this post she will give you loads

of cracking advice.Secondly you are an individual,so

as long as there is treatment to be had(which you have)

there is a massive chance it will work for you.

Also,I love Jo's it's a great and friendly place to come

and share all our fears etc,but I think alot of people

that have made recoverys rightly move on with their

lives,so we don't hear all the good news story's.So what I

am trying to say is I have hope that there are lots more

ladies who have a great out come out there just getting on

with life.

I am in a minority with a reccurence,but my treatment worked

and I found it difficult to find somebody in the same situation as me

but I did and they are three years out of treatment and doing fine.

Regarding your consultant...I know most struggle with bedside manners!

Did you go to your appointment with someone?How did they find him?My

husband always see's things differently to me!! When we are emotional/stressed

its hard to read people.He is doing your treatment and you need to feel reasured

by him,if you don't,have a chat with your CNS she should and will make this next

stage in your treatment as managable as poss,thats what they are there for.

I hope you have a strong network of people around you to give you love and support.

Also,been strong is great,but try not to be too hard on yourself,its knackering been positive

all the time,it's perfectly normal as we ALL do to have massive wobbles.Love yourself

like you would someone else in your situation :-)

I wish you all the best

Shout out if you need us

Becky x




Oh Sweetheart!

I am SO sorry to hear your news. I can only reiterate everything that Becky has just said, especially about Lou, she really is a shining example to us all.

Huge hugs and lots and lots of love


Does anyone have Lou's username?? I would appreciate any advice!

Thanks for all your kind words and support! :)


Hi,did you get my PM?Xx