Advice after LEEP


I had leep back on 10 January and bled on 12 January for 2 days which i presume was from the procedure.

I then bled on 26 January for 2 days am i guessed this was a period so technically i should of had another one at the end of february.

I was able to have sex again from 14 February which i did and have still not had a period since the bleeding at the end of January.

Surely i cant of missed 2 periods? I just wondered how many people didnt have periods for a while after leep?

Thinking there may be a chance that i am pregnant but have a negative test so am unsure.

Can anyone help? please?

Moomoo…I’m sorry no-one has been able to respond to your query. You sound very anxious & I can see you’d like some assurances. Unfortunately I can’t really be of any help. After my lletz I had my period as normal but I’m on the contraceptive pill so this might be why. Are your usual periods regular? I know that stress can sometimes throw a period off kilter. Perhaps you could see your GP to ask their advice? Maybe someone else has been in a similar situation to you that can help further. Good luck moomo & let us know how you get on?