Advice about LEEP and cone biopsy. I'm scared

Hi. I'm 26 years old and turing 27 years old on November. I have a daughter who is 7 years ago.  I always get check up every year and the results come out everything negative. I had two claymida which I got treated it right away. 5 years ago I used to have a sexual activity with this guy and 5 years later on we finally decided to date for 4 months. I decided to go get myself check since I'm sexually active. I always wear a condom but except for my last guy I dated. I went to the ogbn to get myself check on first week of July. It took me one month to get all the results due He was going a vacation. On August 2, He told me that everything is good except I have HPV positive high risk. He told me he need to do a Colposcopy for next week to make sure if I have pre cancerous or cancer. I had freaked out. I was in shock. I went to my car and cry and start to google everything which it makes worse (I don't recommended it) I didn't know what to tell my partner at that time. I didn't even talked to him for few days to figure out everything and I was going to wait for the final result to tell him but I couldn't hold on any longer. I decided told him and he was supportive and wouldn't stop talking to me because of that and he would be there for me. Ever since I have told him, he been acting weird with me & don't want to talk to me. Next Friday, August 11, 2017 I went to get my coposcopy done also he did cervical biopsy and ECC procedure. After that I had cramps and back pain for few days.  He told me to schedule for next friday to know the results. 


A week later, On a Friday, August 18, 2017 I was so nervous and being anxious also i got anxiety. During all that month I lost 7 pounds because all of the stressed about the results, the guy I dated left me, I had bunch of schoolworks, working full and being a mom. He told me that I have a mild dysplasia CIN 1 low-grade LSIL but I have HPV positive high risk that I should do a LEEP and a CONE biopsy Procedure next friday since I alreayd got my period. My cell is there in the cervix. He told me I have to do these procedure so I can get rid of the cancer cells and tissue before it becoming big. I start to resarch about it and it said it will goes away by it self but why does he want me to do a LEEP and Cone biopsy since I don't have a CIN 2 or CIN 3 for now. I still want to have more babies in the future. I was wonder if my ex partner get it too since we had sexuall activity.  I'm freaking out. He told me he will put me to sleep and numb me too. During all this I cried, I lost my appetite, I got anxiety, I couldn't sleep well and I'm overwhelmed and overthinking. Help 

It does seem strange that you would be offered a cone biopsy with CIN 1. Can you get a second opinion?

I am going to try to get another second opinion. First he told me I have to get a leep and that he is going to put me sleep while do that but at same time he telling me he is doing a cone biopsy too. Thank you