Advancing too fast?

I got my results from my first Leep last week - HGSIL CIN 2-3, dysplastic cells extending past the surgical margins including inside the cervix.

My doctor wants to check a pap in 6 months, then again in 12 months. I feel this has progressed so fast that it will be CIN 3 or cancer by then, has anyone had a similar experience? Should I try to get a pap in 3 months instead?

March 2016: Pap - Normal

June 2016: Bleeding after sex

June 2016: Pap - ASCUS, Positive High Risk HPV

July 2016: Colpo - Cervical CIN 2, Endocervical CIN 1

Jaunary 2017: Colpo - Cervical CIN 2-3, Endocervical CIN

Febuary 2017: Leep - HGSIL CIN 2-3, dysplastic cells extending past the surgical margins, including the endocervix

Do you think that your doctor is underqualified? Has he given you any reason to have so little faith in him? What is it that makes you think he doesn't know what he is doing?

Be lucky :-)

In my opinion 3 months is too early. I was told that the first pap (and colpo) is done six months after leep. There is a chance that any dysplasia left behind is healing right now. So if you do a pap at 3 months, the result would not be reliable. Wait six months, try not to worry too much, be positive and happy :)

Don't worry about fast progression. Paps are not 100% reliable (that is why I'll be doing pap + colpo at 6 months after leep), and even biopsies are read by persons, and each person can give a different result for the same biopsy. I don't mean that we can't trust our doctors! But for example your normal pap in 2016 probably missed your spot of CIN 2. This happened to me, so I'm positive this happens :)

Tivoli, some doctors give bad advices or follow old practices. It is normal to think about doing pap earlier.

6 months seems to be the norm, as my understanding is that's how long it takes for anything new to show up after treatment and for more reliable results. I've been in every 6 months more or less since 2013.

The waiting is hard no matter how much you try and stay calm but I'm more at ease with the wait now after going through it so many times. Having said that I always have a mini melt down around the time my results are due. Maybe I'm just better at coping these days.

The only exception for going in between for me has been on two occasions, once when I had particularly worrying bleeding and they called me in for an emergency check up and the second time last June when I had particularly unpleasant discharge which turned out to be an infection and now indicates I'm not healing properly.

I've also been unfortunate to have several treatments as I'm persistently getting high risk abnormal results.

Hang in there and try and distract yourself while you wait, hopefully it's good news.

Thank you for your response and sharing your story. I hope you get an all clear at your next biopsy.  


I go in for mine next month, we'll see what happens. I'm terrified though, I'm 30, I really wanted to have kids, and I'm afraid I'll either have cancer or not have anything left by the time I'm ready to have kids. :(