Advanced symptoms

Hi, I'm new here I'm Emma and 39 married with 6 children with 2 grown up.

I haven't had a period for around 9 months but spotting on and off but thick vaginal discharge.

For nearly a year now I have had severe back pain to the point where if I don't sit down I feel I will fall down.

I have also had swelling in ONE leg that is also painful.

I also suffer with quite bad constipation and I have been incontinant too on a regular basis.

My appetite is also hit and miss too.

Now, I suffer from mixed connective tissue disease, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and arthritis and osteopenia.

About 5 months ago I had an abnormal smear, neg for hpv but was only advised for a retest in 1 year.

15 years ago I had surgery to remove some of my cervix due to cin 3 and I was informed that they had needed to remove more cervix that originally thought.

(However I went on to have 3 more healthy babies.)

I am beginning to feel very ill.

I know that because of my illnesses it could be linked but the changes I am experiencing are new.

my GP told me that they have ruled out all the more common causes for my leg swelling etc and now I'm afraid to go back and tell him all of this without looking like a hypochondriac.

Is it possible to have cervical cancer with only slight abnormal changes on a smear?

I have read that if the cancer is deep within the cervix the smear won't always catch it.

has anyone experienced anything similar?

To be honest I have a 'feeling' that this is cancer, something isn't right!


Hi there

Go see your GP. Nothing anyone cana tell you here will diagnose you. which would you prefer, looking like a hypochondriac to your GP, or feeling at ease knowing you either don't have anything suspect, or are being treating properly. Don't wait, you know your own body, go tell your GP your concerns and do let us know how you get on xxx