Advanced diagnosis

Hi All
Had CT scan 5 weeks ago , told I was stage 3.
Since had biopsy, MRI and pet scan . Had consultation today. Stage 4b… Starting Radiotherapy next week with chemo to follow… trying to keep positive and going to fight with everything i have in me. Anyone else diagnosed at this stage?..

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Hi Flowergirl,
Sorry you have found yourself here. Although we will always be happy to try and answer any of your questions , I think you may get better answers from the lovely ladies on the advanced forum section of this site. I believe there are ladies on there who are dealing with a 4b diagnosis.
Very best of luck going forward, it sounds like you have the perfect attitude to fight this.
x Maria

Hi Flowergirl

I haven’t had the same experience as you - I was stage 2. Just thought I’d mention that there is private category: advanced cancer stage 4 on this forum where you will be able to meet others in a similar situation.

Very best wishes


Thanks so much ladies xx
All best wishes to you :cherry_blossom:


Wishing you all the best flowergirl :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Yes! I just found out I even have cervical cancer and I am stage 4B! I start treatments today! I just hope they help me with pain now it’s getting hard to even stand!