Adrenalin in LA for LLEETZ

Hi all

Has anyone had a negative reaction to LA when having LLEETZ treatment - is it the same LA that dentists use with adrenalin in it?  I have had racing heart and other symptoms from this before so am a bit nervous about it- any advice?  Is there an option not to have this type of LA?  I don't want GA though...rather get it done as quickly as possible and not have to stay in hospital.




May 2015 - Moderate to severe abnormal smear result

May 2015 - Colposcopy and biopsy taken

June 2015 - Results of biopsy confirmed CIN3

8th July 2015 - LLEETZ treatment booked under LA (delayed by 3 weeks due to holiday)


Hey, that's so weird you ask that because I was talking about the reaction to the LA earlier. I was saying how if anything the fact that it did make me feel dizzy and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest I think it actually did me a favour as it totally distracted me. By the time I felt normal again the lletz was done and I didn't even know. The nurse said don't worry if you feel your heart racing etc, I thought it would be minor, but it bloody raced I tell you lol. Like I was at the peak of an argued it was weird, but I def appreciate it. If that hadnt of happend I would of heard more or maybe watched more, tensed up etc. a little tip I took a scarf with me, like a little thin one, I sprayed perfume on it before I went and I put it over my face during the lletz. I didn't want to see hear or smell the procedure (as they cauterise) it really helped me. Good luck, in my eyes the biopsy is worse than the lletz. So you will be fine, good luck x

Hi Gem Gem

Thanks for that - glad its not just me!  and good tip re the perfumed scarf, like being in the loos at a festival ha ha

Thanks for your advice