Adequate colposcopy?

Hi All,

I’ve had my results letter today, after visiting the colp clinic on the 15th Dec.

I originally had moderate dysk (smear), however at the appointment the consultant decided she didn’t want to do treatment as it seemed low grade to her. She took a biopsy and referred it to the MDT.

The letter came today stating that as a result of MDT and an ‘adequate colposcopy’ they’re going to get me back in 6months for another smear and colp - despite the moderate smear.

Anyone able to advise what they mean by an ‘adequate colposcopy’? Sorry if it seems a daft question…

Grateful for any advice.

L x

Hey there.

my smear originally came back with moderate dysk but when I went to colposcopy she said it looked low grade and it may be that they watch and wait after taking a couple of biopsies. (As it happens they didnt but anyway) I'm pretty sure that is what they're saying with you- that things look really low grade and may actually resolve themselves with the cells returning to normal So they will check up in 6 months time. 

For me what I find hard to get my head round is the inaccuracy all the time. Even from a biopsy. It said mine was cin1 and 2 on both my smear and Biopsy but then when they actually sampled the deeper tissue they removed (lletz) it was cin 1. worries me more !


lots love and light 


8th June 16- smear- moderate dysk

24th June 16- colposcopy and 2x punch biopsies

13th July 16- biopsy of cin 1 and 2. 

9th aug 16- lletz booked.

20th sept 16- removal of cells confirm cin 1. 

30th jan 17- repeat smear after 6 months 

awaiting results 



Thank you for your reply! 

Thats exactly what I find difficult.. no definitive answers. I'm obviously pleased she didn't see anything worse at this point, but the high grade smear still puts that doubt in my mind.

Im taking my vitamins and eating lots of greens ha, so let's hope there are signs of improvement in may/June!

hope all is well with you nowSmile

L x