Adenosquamous carcinoma diagnosis

I'm new to the forum and was Recently diagnosed with Adenosquamous Carcinoma of the cervix. Stage 1b2 grade 3. from what I have been reading this is rarer than other types. I just wanted to hear from anyone who had a similar diagnosis and the outcome for them? I'm 31 and have 4 children between the ages of 2 and 7. 

Hi Goldie 

im sorry to hear about your diagnosis it is a hard thing to come to deal with. However, let me tell you that you will be ok!

Cervical cancer is very treatable. there are a few ladies on this site that have the same kind as you. The most common is squamous but it's seems that adeno has made its way to being more popular lately. They say it's about 10% of cc diagnosis. 

The treatment is pretty much they same regardless of what kind. I'm guessing you will go straight to chemorad as usually when you have a tumour over 4cm that is the course of treatment. The next few weeks will be filled with many appointments and it may seem overwhelming but keep your head up as you can do this and it's not as bad as you think it's going to be!!!!

I dont know much about adenosquamous but it's simply in my mind abnormalities in the skin cell and the glands, treatment like was said should be pretty standard. It is more rare that doesn't mean it's less treatable...there are a few sub types I think. I was never told the grade of cell change in my tumour, but mine was about 7cm adenocarcinoma. I didn't have the standard treatment plan though. It's a crazy time of appointment after appointment but take them one at a time, digest it bit by bit and trust me no matter what I think we've all had a laugh along the way xx

Hi Goldie99,

I was diagnosed with the same. I had a radical hysterectomy with my ovaries and lymph nodes removed in Nov and have been told that the surgery carried out was done with the hope of curing. I didnt have any chemo or rads so I am grateful of that.  I think you are right it's not the norm but as far as I am aware it is treated the same. I go for my 8 month check on Monday and praying everything is on track, it's been fine so far so finger crossed.

Have you had an MRI or had your plan discussed yet? If not it normally happens quite quickly.

Good luck and if you have anymore questions please ask x

Hi Goldie,

im new to all of this so unfortunately can't help withyour queries, I wish you hope and love though! 


JSR4 - what were your results? I hope all is well with you! 


Much love ❤️