Adenosquamous carcinoma diagnosis today - help!

Hi, am numb after getting the worst news this pm. I have to go back for an MRI in about an hour and then follow up on tuesday to discuss treatment options when they will know more about the stage. Please please can someone help me understand this as I am sure lots of ladies are dealing with this ... The doc was lovely and she told me its type 1 which is positive but I still dont understand what all this means and my world feels like its falling apart. So so glad I found this forum and the doc had nothing but praise for it too so I know I can find support and re-assurance and keep this in some kind of context Thanks for reading and would really like to know about experiences and hope to help others too once I have my head round this xx :cry:

Just pm’d you

I am so so sorry to hear your news, I had everything crossed for you today. I am sure it has been caught early


hunny i have pm’d you x im so sorry you have had this newsxx

hugz you really tight Hang in there honey. I can’t imagine the stuff that must be going through your head right now. You know where I am if you need to vent or rant and rave or anything after the numbness wears off. You must be in total shock right now. Please let us know how the MRI went.

more huge hugz

Oh I am so sorry it was bad news I can’t imagine how u must be feeling right now.
I really hope u have lots of support around u to help u deal with this.
I wish I could help u with understanding what’s happening but I’m sure one of lovely ladies on here will be able to give u some reassurance.
It must be a very scary time for u but try to stay positive and I for one will be here if u need someone to let off steam, shout, cry to!

Big hugs!
Bex xx

Hi Ladies,

thanks so much for all your kind words and all the pms (have replied seperately). I really hope someone can give me some advice about “having cancer” and what they went through so please, if you read this and you have had a similare experience, please would you mind sharing (I know this is hard for some). I had the MRI at teatime yesterday so am just waiting till tues till my clinic meeting when they will tell me what stage I’m at. I am strong enough to deal with this if localised but my real fear is that this has sread as I think this type is hard to detect on screening alone. I am calm and remaining positive but realy need to know what I am facing here so please be brutally honest in any advice you can give. Hoping and praying that all other ladies awtg results get good news.

Thanks again for reading



So sorry to hear your news I am sending you lots of hugs ((())).

I had the dreaded appointment a few months ago now. I was devastated when I was told. The waiting for stage and results was the worst time for me so I can sympethise with what you are going through. My advice would be to keep yourself as busy as you can and no googling(!).

With regular smears nowdays, cancer is usually caught in the early stages and is very curable and that should be the case for you. I can’t tell you not to worry because you’ll do that anyway :slight_smile: but to reassure you I was diagnosed in August and am already treated and free of cancer.

Feel free to PM me if you would like someone to talk to or need any advice.

Take care and best wishes
Kirsty xxx

More hugs from me to you.

I’ve been through the same, so like most of us here, can completely relate.

I’ll pm you now re: support.

Kay xxx


I was diagnosed in July last year just three weeks after my wedding with stage 1b1 with anodemacarcenoma (I am the worst speller ever!). I wasn’t sure how I would cope with the news and went through all the emotions I am sure you are just now. I have to say just over a year on I can’t believe how far I have come. I had a repeat LLETZ (the first didnt remove all the cancer) and pelvic lymph node removal through key hole surgery. I returned to work 6 weeks after the surgery and have remained all clear since then. PM me if you would like more details of the surgery but I have to be honest it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Now I would say I do remain anxious in the lead up to appointments and would love to say you just forget about it but it is always there in the back of my mind somewhere. That being said if you would have told me before all this I would be diagnosed with cancer I would have thought it would have been way more traumatic than it has been for me. I now lead a pretty much normal life and I am very lucky to be pregnant, something that I dare not have thought of just a year ago.

Best way to get through it I would say is stay positive xx

Hi hun,

I was diagnosed with adenosquamous cc in May. I however am stage 2 as my tumor was 6cm. So too big to operate. I have just last week finished my treatment which was 3 lots of chemo, then chemo/radio and 4 lots of internal radio. I am now waiting and slightly anxious for the results which I expect around the beginning of Nov. Our type of cc is quite rare but it does sound as if you have been caught in the early stages. Although I know this will not take away the fear you will be feeling. I seem to get better with each day though I did find the treatment tough. You will get there hun, just stay positive. It is tough to always put on a brave face but I feel having a good frame of mind helps. For me it’s the waiting that is the worst part of all. Take care.


Hi Andrea

Good luck for tomorrow - I will be thinking of you…

Best wishes
Kirsty xxx

Thankyou so much Kirsty! I figure I’m due some good news lol. Am feeling positive. Off work today so am picking my boys up from school at 3 and surprising them with a trip to McDs and then cinema - Hotely Transylvania - will keep me out of trouble!!! Will let you know tomorrow


Hi Andrea,

How are you doing? I hope you’re ok & not too anxious for tomorrow. Waiting really is the worst thing.

Grade 1 I think suggests you have a ‘non aggressive’ type - which may mean a smaller tumour. The smaller the tumor, the more operable it is, and again the smaller it is the lesser op you need.

Remember most cases of cc are not only treatable, but curable. Treatment is very, very good these days. You sound like a strong person, you will get through whatever treatment you need. You have heaps of ladies who’ve been through it ready to help & support you here.

Best of luck for tomorrow, I sincerely hope it’s the best news possible. Let us all know how you get on when you feel ready to share, and I guarantee there’ll be someone who’s had the same diagnosis & treatment who’ll be able to tell you what to expect.

Lisa x x x

Hey Andrea

Thinking of you today and sending loads of positive vibes your way. Fingers and toes and everything else crossed that he says 1A1. Wish I could be there for you in person, but am definitely there with you in spirit.

Loads of love and hugz

Thankyou all for the support and pms. Hardly slept a wink last night but going to get my boys off to school and then maybe try again for a nap as need to be alert. My wonderful hubby will be by my side so im not alone. Appt is at 2.30 and I promise to let you know as soon as im up to it. You are all wonderful and am so concious of your own daily battle yet you still find strength for others on the forum, I want to hug you all! Anyway, enough rambling, let the bottom (expect I can’t use the other word) kicking commence! Xx

YEAH!!! You go kick that bottom, girl!! You are an amazing and strong woman and you CAN do this OXOXOXOX

lots of luck for today

like everyone has said once you know what you are dealing with you can begin the fight


Good luck for today! We are all here supporting you and keeping everything crossed you hear positive things!
Big hugs, Bex xx

Good luck today, hope you get some positive news xx

Will b thinking of you. Stay strong…this is the first step to