Hi all. Could anyone please tell me if adenocarcinoma would be detected at colposcopy as i had punch biopsies taken and they came back clear. Due to spotting, excessive discharge (some bloody) and backache lower left side could mean Adenocarcinoma could have been missed off previous two smears and potentiality colposcopy and punch biopsies? I've been told womb cancer is unlikely due to my age (30) therefore would only leave cancer in the endocervical canal?


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I suspect you have been looking at Google. Do not look at Google, the internet is written by people who prefer to write stuff than to qualify in anything. Do listen to your doctors, they have spent so much time studying important stuff that they have little time to play on the internet. Your doctors don't fuck about with guesswork and they won't accidentally forget something obvious that you can find on Google.


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Thanks Tivoli, i read about adenocarcinoma being less common but also sometimes being missed on smear. Also worried that at colposcopy it was missed :-/ i am due back to consultant in two weeks so wondering how to approach it all x

I meant read thru jo's trust q&a about ado being harder to detect on smear*

Is adenocarcinoma what is found higher up in the cervix?

if this is the case my smear showed abnormal cells in this area and the doctor said he would br able to see this is colposcopy but because smears are sensitive he would treat it anyway. So I think they don't tend to miss things :) I am also only 25 so they wouldn't of treated if they didn't have to xx

It wouldn't show that as the its a type of cancer isn't it? Smears only detect anormal cells, like tivoli said don't read google, you could have a cold and Google says you need your leg amputate so it's nothing but a scare website when looking things up xxx

Sorry i meant if my smears originally missed abnormal cells higher up in the last 5 years that it could have since developed into Adenocarcinoma since but the fact Ive had a colposcopy and biopsy when treating an ectropion? They would have detected something more sinister?

It's just i have awful back pain and discharge that there's quite a lot of yet normal biopsy result

I have recently been diagnosed with cc adenocarcinoma after abnormal smear with high grade abnormalities and colcoscopy resulting in a lletz procedure and biopsy. Yes it less common than squamous cc but can be treated in just the same way. I would avoid Google as Tivoli suggests and wait and see what your Consultant has to say in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed and try not to worry X

A biopsy would pick up the cgin which is the cell that causes adenocarcinoma, a biopsy wouldn't miss this as it's taking parts of your cervix, also a smear would pick it up too as it picked mine up, I've had chronic back ache since the local after the loop biopsy xx if concerbed called the colposcopy clinic :) xx

My smear showed up cgin try not to worry xx

Thank you all x