Adenocarcinoma variant: adenosquamous/glassy cell


I was informed that adenosquamous and glassy cell is from the same variant. Is there anyone here who is adenosquamous? Do you know your variant? I hope to know your treatment experience.


Best wishes


Hi Susan,

I am so sorry to see that nobody has responded to this. I am sorry that I cannot answer your question with anything definitive but I hate to see anyone go without a single response. It seems that for the most part, whether your diagnosis is squamous, non-squamous (adenocarcinoma) or adenosquamous, the treatment is pretty much the same, small tumours are dealt with surgically and larger tumours with chemo-radiation. The chemo tends to be Cisplatin which does not normally result in hair loss and the radiotherapy seems to vary between 20 and 30 fractions. Radiotherapy tends to cause fatigue and diarrhoea but nothing worse. Hope that helps even if it was a bit late.

Be lucky :-)

I have found out today, on my first chemo-rad treatment that mine is adenosquamous stage 2b. I'm not sure what the glassy cell part is and that hasn't been mentioned for me, but then I have had to ask every step of the way. 

My first treatment day went well and I feel much better than I thought I would. I have 5 cisplatin treatments and 32 radiotherapy booked.