Adenocarcinoma Type

Hi I’m new here. Been recently diagnosed wit cancer type adenocarcinoma in cervix(stage 1 b1) . How fast this can grow or spread ?

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hi thanks for sharing and sorry to hear that too. Yes, I have already have a surgery lined up in Jan2023.

Well wishes for all of us who are going through such situations and hope all’s well for us and our families too! Fighting! Merry Xmas and Happy Y2023!

I have to this too. We recently went through fertility and it failed and I am struggling. Radical hysterectomy on the 21st trying to be positive but struggling

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Hope you are doing ok, unfortunately there are subtypes and so many variables so it’s really hard to answer this. Me personally I just dealt with the information they gave me mostly other than looking into the treatment so I knew what to expect. :heart::heart: