Adenocarcinoma possibly stage 2

Met with my oncologist on Friday the plan is 5 weeks of radiotherapy Mon-Fri, Chemo every weds, then 2 treatments of Brachy afterwards. My oncologist was AMAZING, focused and informative but also friendly and funny, and the Macmillan nurse was absolutely lovely and so supportive.
I have my nephrostomy on Wednesday which is my first real step towards treatment, planning appointment next week, then kidney tests before starting treatment 22nd August.
I have to say some of the things she said shocked me, including that your vagina can close up!!! GASP.
Also, the amount of side treatments/care - Lymphodema appointments, dietician, blood transfusions, scans…etc. WOW I’m going to be busy, I had no idea!

Good to hear that things are moving forward. As i said before there are a lot of potential side effects and they have to tell you about them all!! I was terrified about what was going to happen but thankfully very little did just some heartburn. Everyone is different and you never know until you start. My oncologist just said eat whatever you like, make sure to drink plenty of water and take it easy. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: you’ll be fine.
Take care xx

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Hi Sam,

I was also stage 3b as it’s in my left ureter altho my lymph nodes were clear. They planned on getting a stent in at first but wasn’t able to as the tumour was blocking or made the ureter(tube)narrow and instead of nephrostomy my oncologist decided to start radiation as soon as possible hoping that my ureter will be released and thankfully it did and I didn’t have to do the nephrostomy. Did the chemorads and brachytherapy and I’m now 7 months post treatment and in the clear. Treatments won’t be easy but totally doable. Just wanna send you much love.xx

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Thank you so much!
I feel ready to go now, let’s get this moving! We had to cancel our family trip to Disney World due to cancer treatment so I’m picturing standing in EPCOT as my shining light at the end of the tunnel.
I’m so glad it all worked for you! It really helps to hear survivors stories, especially ones similar to my case.

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That’s the spirit. Onwards and upwards, Disney isnt going anywhere.

Regarding the vagina stuff. Did they speak to you about dilators ? Used diligently that should prevent stenosis. (They won’t work if they stay in the drawer!)

Good luck!

Karen x

Thanks Karen,

They did, I’m not sure whether they give you that sort of thing or if I have to get my own…
Nephrostomy tomorrow, what I’m calling step one.

Yes, they will give them to you. Stick with them if you can. I know lots give up because they lose their libido. But it makes you easier to examine too and that could be a life saver so its worth bearing that in mind.

One step at a time is absolutely right. Good luck with the nephrostomy.


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