Adenocarcinoma of cervix and SCARED!

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer a few days ago and am petrified! I have read that this is a much more aggressive cancer than squamous and am afraid it’s a death sentence. I started having heavy bleeding and blood clots about 2 years ago. I had an ultrasound and was told it was fibroid tumors that are 'mural ’ tumors. My doctor told me that I should be going through menopause within a year and he suggested waiting and ‘nature would take care of itself’. Two years later it had only gotten worse. Then I started having some incontinence issues so I went to my primary doctor. She did a pap smear and suggested I start doing exercises to strengthen my bladder. She suggested it is my age and weight causing pressure on my bladder and not to worry as I’ve never had a ‘bad’ pap and I’m 53 years old. Well…I did. It came back as:H igh grade squamous intraepithelial lesion on cytologic smear of cervix (hgsil). I am going to see a surgeon tomorrow to discuss having a hysterectomy. I have no use for my female organs, in my opinion, as I am done having children. I haven’t been staged yet but I had a colposcopy done and the doctor said he biopsied the opposite side of the affected area of my cervix and stated that was clean. He also biopsied a place in my uterus and he said that was ‘clean’. He sounded hopeful; or maybe it was my imagination? In the midst of this we have had to place my father-in-law in a hospice house as he is dying from COPD and I am just not in a position to take care of him right now. I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight. I’m so scared to go tomorrow and hear what he has to say…and yet I wish time would hurry up so I can get this conversation over with!! Has anyone else out there have this type of cervical cancer and been ‘cured’ or should I pick out a coffin when I pick out my father-in-laws. (I am not being sarcastic…i am totally serious).

Hello sweetheart! :-) Welcome to the forum.

Your story sounds almost exactly the same as mine. Cervical cancer is one of the most curable cancers it is possible to have. No adenocarcinoma is not particularly aggressive, it's just that bit more difficult to detect because it hides further up the cervical canal. I was cured of this cancer almost five years ago. If you want to read what happened to me, click on my name next to the toad and it will lead you to My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy.

Be lucky :-)

Hello There!!!

I am too an adeniocarcenoma girl!! 32 yrs old and 13 days post hysterectomy!!

What your feeling and saying is totally how we all felt!! If you read through the posts on here we have all said the same, same fears, same thoughts, same emotions. 

The stage you are at now is by far the most scariest part of it's all very new and a huge shock to the system!

Take a day to process things, stay away from Google! If you have any questions ask them on here, no question is too silly. There's a good few of us adeno girls and Tivoli is just fabulous at advice and reassurance. If it wasn't for her and a few others on this forum there's no way I would have coped, they are utterly amazing and knowledgeable. Be gentle on yourself ok!! 

Take care xxx 

Hello flowerhead

take a big breath!!!! There is no need to go and purchase a coffin just yet as you are not going anywhere anytime soon from you cc. 

Take one step at a time. I know it's so scary at first and as Michelle has said where you are right now is the worst part. 

The waiting is horrendous. Soon you will be staged and a plan will be put together and you will know what you are facing. 

Try to stay busy so you have no time to think about an ultimate doom. Stay away from Google the information is outdated and surprisingly full of errors. Eat, rest, enjoy the early fall days. 

pls.... stay positive. Cc is very curable!!!


Hi Flowerhead':

Welcome to the forum.

I'm an adenocarcinoma girl too and had a hysterectomy in May. You are in the worst place right now - scared, worried, panicky, full of doom and gloom.  It gets better - promise. When I was in your position I hid in my bed, so I'm certainly no I am Woman Hear me Roar girl, so if I got through it, so can you. You will feel a huge amount better when you have your treatment plan. Luckily (ha!) for us, treatment for CC is very effective and doctors have a whole array of options to sort us out. Keep posting and we'll do all we can to support you.

You have got a lot on your plate, but you need to put yourself first.  I know that's hard to do, especially when others need you, but you must do it so that you get well and can get back to your life.

Take care

t xx 


I too am an adenocarcinoma girl. Staged at 1B2. Youll get through this! I don't think it's technically more aggressive, it's just more difficult to spot so sometimes it may be a bit more advanced by the time it's caught. They're getting really good at catching it though! This cancer is slow growing and very curable. I was where you are too and sunk into a depression. I had a large tumor that has shrunk down to nearly nothing and I'm still not quite done with treatments. You'll be ok :) Hugs!

Hey there,

I had in May a hystorectomy for severe prolapse I'm 39 . So I had vaginal hystorectomy cervix and uterus, they left my ovaries. All was good I was in great form felt great. Did what I was told no lifting. Really happy I had the surgery didnt have any post op issues. Went in for my 6 week review ( which was actual on week 8) the gyn asked how I was and I launched into how great I was. When she said everything we removed as routine gets sent for testing and unfortunately cancer was found in your cervix. Well did mind head go spinning ..I had had a smear in January which was clear loads of bloods for op all were fine, I had had a scan 8/9 months previous when at the gyn all was good. She went on to say its not the usual one you hear of mine is adenocarcinoma of cervix so smear/pap won't detect it because it's up higher than they reach. Of course I asked how bad ?is it all gone with my cervix?  To which I was told we don't know .i have to have MRI to see, which I hope to have in the next week and that's where I was left I asked will I live through this she didn't know until MRI was done to see what I look like . I lost my sister to cancer 3 years ago it was bile duct she only lived 2months from diagnosis her son lives with me now. My mum died ten years ago lung cancer only lived 7 months from diagnosis. So I've seen cancer at it's worst. And I am so scared. I know the gyn couldn't tell me I'd be fine or not because more has to be seen . But the you have cancer, now wait a week till we see what we are dealing with. I'm struggling with. It's great to find this site to read stories and see what people are experiencing and living through its great I've learnt so much just reading your stories. Feeling better from your stories than after gyn ......

waiting not patiently...............