Adenocarcinoma in situ - skip lesions

So I'm kind of freaking out here. Trying not to get too worked up until I have more information.


I had an abnormal smear back in Feb 2017. Biopsy and curettage Apr 2017. CIS III diagnosed in May 2017. LEEP Jun 30 2017. Yesterday I went to my gyno for a follow-up because I thought I might have an infection following LEEP. Wasn't expecting anything more than some antibiotics. They had just got my results in that morning (wasn't supposed to go for my real follow-up for another week).


Yesterday I was told I have Adenocarcinoma in situ with skip lesions. My Dr. told me he's referring me to a hospital for follow-up. My partner and I have not yet started our family. My Dr. said treatment will be monitoring or an additional LEEP procedure.


Can someone please explain what the next steps will be when I go to the hospital? I'm assuming the hospital will be doing additional testing, is that correct? What will those tests be? How long does it usually take from initial diagnoses to going in for scans/tests?


It seems like from what I've been reading that skip lesions more likely lead to needing a hysterectomy?


Any additional information would be appriciated.

Hi Stella :-)

I am sorry you have not received an answer to this sooner. Adenocarcinoma is the sneakier form of cervical cancer, more difficult to detect and more difficult to remove. It often develops halfway up the cervical canal and from there could travel in any direction, down (easily detectible) up (more difficult to detect) or sideways (more dangerous all round). Skip lesions are when the cancer you have is not one single mass but several smaller lesions which don't necessarily have physical contact with one another. Forum member TeresaF is the expert on this subject and I am sure she will be happy to offer any additional support and advice that my post lacks.

I think that you are based in US or Canada. You are likely to receive a battery of tests which may or may not include CT, MRI, PET scans; blood tests, physical internal exams and if you're really lucky, a barium enema. This is a circus, you are the clown, it's best all round if you ditch pride or dignity for the next little while. The prize will be emerging from this experience with a new lust for life. The journey may render you childless and if that happens, you are not alone. We are all here for you.

But your diagnosis is very early! You may well have a hugely better outcome. Better to prepare for the worst and be happily surprised than to hope for the best and be tragically disappointed.

Really hoping your story turns out magically :-)
Be lucky :-)

Got the call yesterday that my appointment with the hospitals colposcopy clinic will be September 6th. It seems like 7 weeks is a long way off? Not sure if that's a good thing meaning I'm not very urgent or that it's summer and people are on vacation so it takes longer to get in? Reading other people's stories here it seems like most people got in much faster. 

Hi Hun, donot know where you are based but usually if it's an urgent referral it has to be done in a couple of weeks. hopefully it's because they aren't overly concerned xx

Hi: Just saw this post, so sorry for the delay in replying.  You're probably all set now, but if you need some more info give me a shout.

love txx