Adenocarcinoma (children mentioned)

Hi I'm new to this site I have recently been diagnosed with stage 1b adenocarcinoma I have had an mri scan and thankfully nothing showed up I am 90% looking like il be getting a radical hysterectomy I just need a pet scan to make sure that it hasn't spread my surgeon was extremely blunt in how he delivered all the information to me I was left shaking but the nurses didn't take long in reasurring me again I'm just nervous waiting on my pet scan as I would really rather have the surgery instead of the other option of going straight into radiotherapy and chemotherapy because I'm afraid this won't work as good , I'm 34 and have 5 children the youngest been 10months and I'm just so afraid that drs no light at the end of the tunnel , has anybody had the same cancer and either of these treatments and could you tell me how you got on coz I could really do with some reassurance thank you ,Melissa.

Hi Melissa, I had adenocarcinoma when I was-also  34 way back in 1997! I had both the hysterectomy and the radio chemo and I am still here! Don't worry! They will.pick the right treatment for you. It isn't a case of one being better than the other.It will just depend on your scan results. Good luck!


Thanks for replying Karen I feel so much better hearing from you and how long ago u had the same cancer I was feeling pretty positive about everything that I had been told until yesterday when I spoke to d surgeon when he told me that it's more aggressive and has a higher risk of reacurrance it sent me into panic mode but now I feel a little more positive again thank you ,melissa



How are you doing? Have you had your surgery? I think we have been walking the same path over the last few months. I have 1b1 adenocarcinoma too and will get a radical in a few days - I have had a while to think it over - dx was confirmed about 6 weeks ago when they biopsied tissue following cervical cone incision. MRI/PET etc ruled out any other involvement. I just joined this site trying to get some insight into the risk of adenocarcinoma spreading to ovaries. My surgeon says 5% of us will get this cancer in our ovaries......versus 0.5% for squamous cell carcinomas. It is my 'choice' to keep/remove ovaries and it is a surprisingly hard decision even though I am already 43. Curious to know if you got similar counsel. Anyhow, I hope you are on your way to the cure and when/if you get the time drop me a line to share your experiences.Best,