Adeanocarcinoma in situ - HELP PLEASE

Hi all, I suppose I'm writing to get some insight from others on how they were treated following an irregular pap.

so my pap history is fairly short as I'm only 27

- first pap in 2015 showed abnormal cells, a secondary test with the gyno came back negative with no follow up required.

- i then had severe abnormal bleeding feb 2017, heavy bleeding for approx 4 weeks to which my doctor prescribed tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding and told me to take 2-3 contraceptive pills a day to also assist. 

- pap in November 2017 diagnosis: high grade intrapithial glandular lesion, adeanocarcinoma in situ.

I'm really unhappy with my doctor, she is very disengaged and did not explain the diagnosis at all, just referred me to a gyno! So I have the gyno this afternoon and I really don't know what to expect, will they be testing, consulting, surgery? 

Ive read adenocarcinoma in situ is very hard to detect with a pap, does this mean it's severe? High grade concerns me... and glandular!? I've read this means it can spread? 

Im sure the gyno will explain more, but I think hearing other regular people's opinions will help me stop stressing out. 


Any my info is greatly appreciated!



Hi. Not sure i can help much other than to sympathise. I’m also 27 and going through similar so I thought hearing my experience may help. 

I also had a smear showing glandular changes. I wasn’t specifically told anything about cancer in situ but my doctor was absolutely awful and told me on the phone it ‘could well be cancer’. I was terrified. 

I was referred to specialist colposcopy nurse and I asked her about this. She said she can never rule out cancer for anyone (only a biopsy can) but she was surprised a GP would jump straight to that only off a smear. She said smears aren’t 100 % at grading. She did explain that it was rare even for CGIN to come up on a smear but that didn’t always mean a serious spread. When she did her exam she said she could see the glandular cells were actually on the surface which is how they’ve made it onto the smear. I was also terrified by this  she said this was actually a good thing as a) she could see now why a smear picked it up and b) she could better treat what she could see

 as for what to expect you may well be given a biopsy or an outpatient treatment. I was given a loop diathermy then are there which she stated is also often what she would do for in situ or stage 1 cancer patients as this just removes the abnormal part of the cervix. You may have something similar as I was told CGIN cases are treated more urgently as it’s harder to monitor.


i still don’t have my results back so as much as I wish I could tell you we will both be a-okay I can’t however what I can say is it’s very natural to be scared but do make the most of the time with Your gyno doctor, they can be much more informative and kind than GPs. Even though mine couldn’t give me an answer then and there I felt reassured from speaking to her. I would also say just incase do prepare to have minor treatment but this might differ area to area. good luck today xx

Al123, thank you so much for your info It definitely helps! although I’m sorry to hear your going through this too.

You’re not wrong, the gyn was a breath of fresh air & answered so many questions. 

I had 2 nurses and 2 Gyno’s poking around my nether reigions this afternoon, they even (Grossly fascinating) put it on the screen for me to see! 

There was a visible lesion, 2 biopsies were taken. No results yet obviously but they’ve booked me in for cold knife cone biopsy & an endocervical curetteage (ECC) to determine how deep it goes. 

Hopefully thats that but but will keep posting as it gives me a little relief chatting about it

PS ive requested a new GP, you wouldn’t believe it but my current GP after handing me my diagnosis muttered something about cervix removal and actually asked me to text her the next morning to remind her to send the referral.... 

thank you again, I really appreciate it! 

Hi. Thanks. It sucks to be going through it and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone else to but its also reassuring to hear others peoples experience of that makes sense so I’m happy I could help even a little by sharing mine.

I’m happy to hear your experience this afternoon was as positive as can be in these scenarios. I think having a supportive medical professional makes all the difference! and it sounds good that they have a clear course of action and plan for your next steps, i’ll Keep my fingers crossed for you that thats it over and done for you now! 

My clinic didn’t have the option to view it on the screen which I think I’m glad of, I think I would have passed out seeing it! I imagine it must look weird.

But yes definitely keep posting, I find it helps to chat/post too, plus it’s helpful to other ladies who might come looking for some answers here.

If you do need to chat throughout it also feel free to pm me :) 


im so glad you’ll be getting a new gp- that’s awful! Hopefully your next one will be better and more sentsitive xx

Hi again, so I’ve had the cold knife cone biopsy & the endocervical curette. It was scary as I’ve never been under GA before but all went to plan & just waiting on results now. 

Minimal pain afterward, camps and mild discomfort. I’ve not had any bleeding but I did pass a fairly large piece of tissue looking material.... it really worried me until I googled it and found it’s normal and likely the solution the doctors used to stop the bleeding. Hopefully that’s that and the margins are clear and I can go on to 6 monthly checkups! 


Will know soon enough 

So results are in and im Not sure what it means yet, the adenocarcinoma was present on the outer margins of the cone biopsy & all I know is I have another appt in a week to discuss further treatment. 

if anyone has any idea on what that treatment might be I’m all ears....