Hi, I'm new to this site but have been inspired and touched by other people's experiences and advice. I am 44yrs old and was diagnosed with CC two weeks ago, had a CT scan on Tuesday, and tomorrow got a pelvic MRI, nervous and anxious all week, also having an EUA on Monday, got to be at Addenbrookes at 7 in the morning, wanted to ask if anyone can give me advice on what to expect and about Addenbrookes, after all these examinations hopefully will find out what going to happen next, worst 3 weeks of my life, worried its spread further.x

Hi Caroline

Sorry about your news and that you had to find this site. My journey started at Addenbrookes, my colposcopy, Lletz and initial consultations and MRI were there then I found out I could go private with my work scheme. My consultant stayed the same though. They were all excellent, the care is very very good and my consultant is the best, if not very chatty! They will look after you and once you know what’s going on and have a treatment plan you will feel so much better, it gives you something to focus on. All of the examinations you are having are quite normal so don’t think it’s because they are extra worried, it is routine.

Take care

Ali x

Thank you for replying, I have heard very good things about Addenbrookes, you sounded positive about it as well, that's made me feel a bit better.x Thankyou.

This was my understanding of the process. Ct to see it it had spread to lungs/liver. Mri to see if in lymphs. All this info will infirm the treatment plan. I think the bit between diagnosis and op was the very worst bit of the whole process. Hang on in there. Xxx