Acute inflammation, no CIN

I received my LLETZ results today and the letter says:

Treatment results: acute inflammation, no CIN

It then says I will be invited back in six months.

My biopsy result said my cells were CIN 2/3 so now I'm confused. Has anyone else had this result? I'm going to ring in the morning for clarification but just wondered if anyone had had a similar result.

I just thought I would post an update after speaking to the colposcopy unit in case anyone else does have the same result.

The hospital confirmed that I definitely did have CIN 2/3 when I had the biopsy taken but either the biopsy removed all of the abnormality or my body got rid of the cells itself whilst healing from the biopsy (she said that was rare but it does sometimes happen).  She said the acute inflammation could have been because there was a relatively short timescale between my biopsy and the LLETZ and my body could still have been healing.

So I'm very pleased with the result and am just hoping that everything is normal in six months when I have the check-up.

Hi Mel_K8,

That's really useful to know so thanks for giving your update! I had LLETZ my results come back as CIN1 after my original biopsy showing CIN2. I was a bit confused as to how the results could come back better than expected, so hopefully it means my body is doing a better job of trying to get back to normal. Or, as you said, the biopsy may have removed the more serious area.

Either way, I'm really pleased that you've had a positive outcome. All the best xx

Hi Laura

I was confused too!  But I'm glad the hospital put my mind at rest. 

Thank you for your good wishes :)  I hope everything carries on smoothly for you too.

Mel x

That's great news Mel, just a wait for the checkup now but a much easier one.

Still waiting for my results, over 4 weeks now so hopefully not long!

Thank you Tiger. I hope your results come back very soon and that you have positive news too :)