Hi Ladies :-)

Just wondering. Has anyone else had a stubborn outbreak of back, neck and shoulder acne following treatment? Yuck.

I've been to my GP and been given Zineryt solution to apply twice a day. She says that it's caused by my chemo treatment. I'd felt clusters of small pimples over back before and during treatment, but recently they've turned into great big red ones!

Nicky. Xxx

hi nicky,

i came out in spots all on my shoulders and down my back which i put down to the hair that was falling out and irritating the skin. Im now wondering if it is because of the chemo too... either way i know what you mean, i just wash them with a normal soap to try and dry them out but I hope yours clear up, its so embarrasing especially with the summer coming..


best wishes hope treatment is going well xx

Hi Kitty :-)

Thank you for your reply. My spots are now clearing thanks to the lotion....hooray!! I've never had spots like it lol. 


Best wishes to you too Kitty. I hope your treatment is going well and you're feeling okay. My first follow up at clinic is on the 3rd July. Scans some time in August.


Hugs and positivity.


Nicky :-) xxx