Acid reflux

I don’t know if anyone remembers that in one of my many threads I mentioned about a lump in my throat. None of the Dr’s seemed concerned when I mentioned it. At my 6 week check up the Dr felt my lymph nodes in the area and couldn’t feel anything unusual and my gp had already arranged an appointment at ENT at our local hospital so wasn’t too concerned. I was panicking as cancer of the pharynx is apparently caused by hpv which is the same virus that causes cervical cancer. Even though I’d read it and diagnosed myself with GERD I was still worried.
Anyway, today I have had a camera up my nose to look at the back of my throat and there’s nothing there. It is indeed GERD. Thankfully. It’s basically acid indigestion and reflux. It’s caused by anxiety. I think the steroids may have contributed too because I was given indigestion tablets to take because of the steroids.
I now have to take omne something twice daily and go back to the hospital in 6 weeks.
I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I’ve been stressing!
Anyway, I’ve booked my hair appointment now (I’ve been waiting to get this appointment over with) and on Wednesday I will be the proud owner of long brown locks with a fringe!

That's a relief for you!! 

My mother in law suffers with that. Xx

I am so happy to hear it is nothing serious and can be treated. Anxiety can cause the feeling of a lump in your throat because we breath faster and it drys your throat up quicker. Good to hear you are having your hair done it always makes you feel better I will wait for a few more weeks i look like scary mary lol My skin is so dry any suggestions girls xx

Massive relief!

Kumagill, my daughter has introduced me to coconut oil. It's a jar that you can get from aldi or home bargains,  we also picked one up from an Asian supermarket we go to. It's a solid white thing and toy only need a small amount. You think it's going to be dead greasy but it's not. 

Apparently coconut oil is the new wonder food. You can cook with it, use it on your hair as a treatment and moisturise your body with it x worth a try x 

yes it's great stuff. I use it on my hair as it stops it getting dry. 

The cream i got gives at radio was avenno and people swear by that. I didnt use it so say how well it worked but it has good reviews! xx

Thanks ladies for the suggestions I will definately give the Cocconut oil a go. Its great to hear how positive you 2 are and that life is getting back to normal it wont be long until I am joining the Post Treatment ranks lol

Philleepa i hope your hair turns out Gorgeous and you feel like a new woman let us know how it goes.

Loz I believe you are starting back to work today you are so brave and i wish you all the best and hope you have a great day.

Lots of love Ladies xx

Yeah first day back today! Feel like the new girl!!

feels good to be back! Z

How did work go? I'm really jealous.  I spend the whole day cleaning!