Achy leg!!

HI ladies hope you our all doing good. Just another quick question!! I've been getting pain in my left leg like a dull achy pain and my ankle looks slightly swollen to the other 1 and my foot feels freezing?! This has happened to me before on a few occassions before diagnosis. I've looked online and traumatized myself that the cancer is elsewhere even though I've had an MRI which shown it was contained to the cervix but my mind Wont stop running away with me am having a few rough days mentally and emotionally. I've had a quick look on jos to see of any one has had anything simliliar but just seems to be ladies who are going through treatment or have finished. So if any one can shed a bit of light I would be extremely greatful 

sending you all lots of love

dominique xx


From my experience, I would report this to your med team as soon as possible. There are several reasons this may happen and they need to be sure you are ok. Last time it happened to me they did an ultrasound to be sure there was no blood clot. Ultrasound was clear this time, so in my case they attributed it to lymphedema, since they took out some lymph nodes with radiation.

My point is: Please get it checked so it can be taken care of now. None of us with cc need any more problems. :-/

Hugs & Good Thoughts for You,


Hi Dominque

I'm going through something very similar, since my operation in Jan my right groin and thigh are swollen and my ankle looks swollen compaired to other one, i've been told by one doctor that it's edema, then another doctor told me something different, i've rang oncology and they going to get me in to see consultant in next couple of weeks then at least i know exactly what it is, like you even though mine was contained to cervix, i'm keep thinking what if it isn't, having a bad time with health anxiety since diagnosis xx




Did the first doctor say Lymphedema? That is certainly not unusual to have after gynecological surgery or radiation therapy to the pelvic area. Definitely not comfortable. 

That would not indicate recurrence, just that lymph nodes and pathways have been damaged and lymph is not moving quickly enough in that area of your body. I have lymphedema due to lymph nodes in hip area damaged from radiation therapy.

I specialize as a licensed Lymph Drainage Therapist. So if that is what they determine and you have further questions, feel free to pm me.



Hi there Dominique, I have been experieincing exactly the same symptoms prior to my diagnosis which will be 2 weeks tomorrow. I even went to the local walk in centre for the pain in my left leg i dont know what the pain is either. I wish i could help but i have no answers myself 

big hugs xx

Hi ladies only just seen your replies touchwood leg not been to bad since then. But every little pain and twinge the worry and anxiety sets in can defintley get were your coming from Mandy its horrible the anxiety, infact my nurse is referring me for some anxiety treatment possibly hypnotherapy? im ok until I really think about it and the fear just takes over me then I think the treatment will come in handy for when my cancer treatment is finished and then the wait to see if it has worked because so far through all this the waiting for results etc has been the hardest part for me. so will let you no how that goes when I start it xx


If they refer you to hypnotherapy and they teach you self-hypnosis that would be great. In the process, they would probably also teach you to breathe again. I mean how many ladies take deep cleansing breaths when they are anxious or in pain?

I was sent to an outpatient pain clinic and had to be taught to breathe again as they taught me self-hypnosis. Everyone breathes very shallowly when in pain.

It is understandable the anxiety you, PeachyPeach, and Mandy are feeling. And it is, in my opinion, a long time to leave you hanging without knowing what is happening. Every twinge tends to make all of us freak to some degree. Hope you all get anxiety relief soon.

Hugs, Katie

Thank you katie me too! Take care Hunni xx