Aching painful legs

Hi all,

Diagnosed cc in Aug 1b1. Rad hyst with overy removal Sept. Luckily no further treatment. Have never posted before but have found posts from other really useful

7 weeks post op, not yet started HRT. Main problem I have is painful, aching, tingly (slight swelling on one thigh that comes and goes) heavy legs.

Has anyone else had this and NOT ended up with Lymphedema?? Hoping its nerve damage as had lots of numbness anf hyper sensitivity too.

I'm slowly driving myself mad with the fear of what it might be. Can anyone help/advise?? I appreciate many have much bigger problems from this and I count myself lucky every day.

Thinking of everyone sharing this shitty nightmare.


Lots of Love



Hi Hon. Could be nerve pain caused by the damaged nerves starting to fire again, this feels like an intense stabbing pain which comes and goes. The swelling is normal as you have had lymph nodes removed and the lymph fluid pools as it is trying to find a new path to follow. One year on from my opinion I still have a heavy feeling in both legs and I cannot bend my legs up to put socks on like I used to...this is no real problem and I have adjusted fine! Still the odd niggle! Am sure what you are describing is a normal part of healing xxx

Helsweld ... thanks for your reply. Its really getting me down so knowing its not just me is a comfort.


Lots of Love


I'm 3 1/2 months post RH and my legs ache every day. No obvious swelling anymore but like you I had it on and off for couple of months at least. As other response says, thus is just due to body settling post op. I still have a large numb/tingly patch on right thigh. It takes time for everything to settle back down so try not to worry too much. Easier said than done, I was constantly worrying about lymphoedema but hardly think about it now xx

Thank you Blackberry, comforting to know I'm not alone but awful to think so many going through this journey with me. Take care of yourself and thanks again.

Lots of Love


I too have had this. My op was August 2015.

Leg aches move around a bit and are lessening now. I try to elevate them when they ache as this feels better and my sense is that they are a sign I need to rest and I hope this will help avoid lymphodema. So far so good!

i have numb patches around pubic bone and tops of thighs. This too is a bit better lately, or I am getting used to it, one or the other.

i have found osteopaths to be most useful in helping me feel in control of my healing. 

good luck with your recovery,