aching joints

Sorry I keep posting atm!

I am suffering really badly with aching joints and a sore back. My shoulders, hips, knees are all really hurting and keep locking when I am sat and when I get up it takes a while for them to loosen up. It’s almost like I’ve got arthritis. My right hip is the worst and really really hurts when I walk…I also noticed about 2 months ago that a lump seems to of appeared it doesn’t hurt or anything but it’s weird that it’s there it’s hard like bone.

God forbid I bang my hips omg! I’m in agony if I do! My hips tend to hurt when ever I move my legs walking, sat down in bed it doesn’t matter.

I’ve also been told that some people have to have hip replacement??? Eh??

I’m not listening to other people about that stuff anyway. Any advice with the pain? Xx

I'm not suprised you are posting. I'll be the same. Every ache and pain will be recorded. 

Obviously I can't give you any advice because I'm not there yet but I'd say go to the Dr and get it checked out and pain relief asap.

You've been throughenough  x don't put up with pain if there's relief there for you x 

Hi Carmel,

As Philleepa says, you've been through an incredible amount in the last eleven months. This may or may not be related. Ask your GP.

Be lucky :-)

I'm going to, it's stopped today which is weird but it aches when I sit with my legs crossed....hhmm

the doctors are like oh hey how you doing like we're best mates as I need go so much haha - it was mainly cus I couldn't eat now I can't stop!

i need to go anyway cus the chemo has affected my hearing really badly now I'm practically deaf.....I better bloody beat this thing!!!