aching 2 weeks after lletz

hi ladies, just wondered if its normal to get pains/aches when lifting things after having lletz? Had lleetz 2 and half weeks ago, have been on antibiotics for infection and when I lift things like the kettle or a pan of veg I'm getting aches and pains very low down in my stomach. They did say no heavy lifting for 4 weeks but a kettle isnt that heavy!!

Louise xx

Hi there,

I didn't feel right in my lower abdomen for a few weeks after LLETZwith aches and discomfort, and I also got an infection. If the antiobiotics have finished, it might be worth seeing your GP just to check if things are ok in case the infection hasn't totally cleared up. I needed two lots of antibiotics to shift my infection. Of course it may not be that, you could just still be healing, but might be a good idea to get checked out just in case.

Hope you feel better soon, take care x