I was diagnosed with cc 2B in October 2021. I have had radiotherapy, chemotherapy and brachytherapy. My last treatment was 3rd February 2022. I feel like I have been catapulted into the menopause…. I have hot flushes, I’m very emotional, I’m not sleeping well. But I also feel every day so achy…. All my muscles and my back ache like I have done a massive workout for the first time in ages. My GP says it could be from all the treatment or it could be from the menopause, not very helpful really. I’m waiting to start hrt. I used to do a lot of running but now I struggle to walk more than a mile. Is this common??

Hi, im very similar to you, same stage and same treatment, im slightly ahead time wise… about 4 months post treatment.
I do get those aches. I started HRT 2 weeks after treatment finished. Ive put a lot of my aches down to quite a bit of weight gain. But i have been told both treatment and menopause could be factor.
I was basically just advised to give it time to see what happens as its stull early days and the body needs to heal loads more yet.

Thanks for your reply. I’m hoping once I start hrt it should ease a bit.
Have you had your follow up scan then? How did you cope with the waiting? I find it really difficult, I worry so much that it’s still going to be there or it will have spread.

I got my results in last week from my 3 month scan. The only thing they can see is scarring. The oncologist was very confident that the disease has gone!!