aches and pains

Hi all, I had my lletz for high grade dyskaryosis on 19th of December (no results yet) and have recently come off antibiotics for an infection I picked up after. The past couple of days I've been getting backache and pains in my lower back and some sharp period pains but I'm not bleeding, just some of the discharge with slight blood tinge. Just wondering if this is normal or something I should mention to doctors. Thanks in advance x

hi not_sure,  i had the same treatement in June 2013, i can remember afterwards feeling as though someone had punched me in the stomach and i had a pain similar to period pains for a few days after, i also had the same discharge that lasted a couple of days! If its worrying you it wont do any harm to have it checked out especially with you having the infection afterwards xx

Hi thanks for your reply, I think i'm just over analysing every pain because it's all scared me a bit. I've been ok today. I'll feel better when I get the results and hopefully can put all this behind me xx