Aches and pains post treatment

Hi all

Just wondering what is normal in terms of aches, pains and general grottiness post treatment? My mum is about 3 months post Brachy (she’s had her MRI and we will get the results on 1st July) but her fatigue is still very bad. She was also doing well and trying to stay active and then out of nowhere her whole body started aching and hasn’t subsided yet (this was a few weeks ago). I’ve read this can be a late side effect of radiotherapy but obviously your mind plays tricks and you panic that something else is going on. She was bordering on anaemia in previous blood tests so I’m sure that isn’t helping. 

How long does it take to feel well enough to go back to work etc? 

Any insights would be appreciated. 


I’m over 2 years out and still have aches and pains. My last scan in September of 2018 was still NED. I still have pains that come and go. It takes a long time to heal and get over it. Time will make things more tolerable. It literally took 6 months to a year for my energy to return! It gets better though!

I still get days when I just get hit with fatigue and aches and pains, and am roughly at the same point as nm (hello nm, by the way!) In the first months post treatment, I had more fatigue/ache days than good, then gradually the bad days were maybe a couple a week, then one a fortnight, etc. I was intending to get back to work after 3 months, but ended up taking 6 months as I just didn't have the energy. It is a case of learning to pace at this point and give yourself time to rest and recover after activity, although it's so tempting to try to just get back to normal asap. Like you say, any aches and pains cause a panic, which then adds stress, more fatigue, more aches and pains...hopefully the scan results will reassure and that'll help recovery along, the wait seems quite long - could she ask for the results quicker, given that she's feeling rough and worrying? Also worth having another blood test, in case she needs a boost of iron or B12. 

Anne xx


Thanks so much for all of this advice. She’s actually scheduled for a blood test as she was bordering on anaemia during treatment. 

What positive inspirations you both are coming through the other side and still going strong. Really appreciate your response 

I'm two months post treatment 5 weeks of Chemoradiotherapy and 3 brachytherapy.  Never considered myself as the fittest person on the planet but before diagnosis i could walk miles with no effort and have the comfiest nights sleep ever

Now i have stiff/achy back and hips as well as achy shoulders and wrists. My oncologist explained its all expected side effects of treatment and also coming off the steroids. I'm as stiff as a board and now every time i turn over in bed the shoulder aches wake me up. Its almost like i need to WD40 my joints! 

Ive avoided swimming whilst having radiotherapy but i was quite lucky that my skin didnt burn/damage. 

I go on holiday next week so going to try a little bit of swimming which is good for the joints.

Ladies take each day as it comes. I literally thought after my last brachytherapy life and my body would go back to normal.  From diagnosis to end of treatment i took 2 months off work.  My body is telling me otherwise. 


Any tips to stop feeling so stiff and old would be appreciated  xx