aches and pains anyone?

I'm 4 weeks post brachytherapy now and about 10 weeks or so post surgery. Back is a killer all the time? Starting to worry although when I poke and prod it as you do lol? I can feel it's the muscle is tender, it's not agony just there anytime I've maybe been cleaning or stressed I guess. I sit down in work for long periods and wonder if that's making the whole thing worse. Any experience to reassure my paranoid brain. 


Charlene. Xx

Hi hunni I'm the same! ive been panicking over it gonna mention it at my check up it goes in to my leg but seems to ease when I'm more mobile, keeping my fingers crossed it's just part and parcel of treatmen. other than your back hope your doing ok xx

Thanks for that mine does the same down into my legs. Fine line between mobile and over doing it and then sometimes the more I chill out the more I seize up. Try telling my brain it's normal lol xx

Defintley being mobile helps me. I give up with telling my brain anything it doesn't listen! All my rationality when out the window a long time ago! Haha xx

Hi you two!

It takes ages for the back to ease up, it's trying to protect your poor abdomen (and it's going to be a while before it trusts humans again! ;-) Try to keep as gently mobile as often as possible and it should ease, but just now it's a bit of a frightened puppy and it needs coaxing.

Be lucky :-)


Haha I liKe That tivoli! Thanks! Xx

I've had back pain for a while too. I have to work sitting for long hours so I bought a latex pillow with a hole in the middle. It's usually used for lower back cysts but I can assure you it is working miracles.