aches and pains 2 years on



I posted a few weeks ago about the opportunity to go and work abroad, we accepted the jobs and are planning a life in the sun - hooray! 

Except, I'm not feeling anything but doubt, pain, lower back ache, tinges of pain. The pain comes and goes. I feel it more when I'm busy and active and less when I've exercised and at rest. 

I told my oncologist and he said if it comes and goes he's not worried. Now I'm doubting myself, does it come and go, or have I just got used to it? He felt for lumps and bumps on 1.4.19 and didn't seem concerned. He told me the chances of recourrance now are very, very slim. But what is this pain and why am I still in pain 2 years on? 


I do not trust my body. My loved ones tell me its scar tissue and radiation damage. My bowels and bladder are ok. I should not be going anywhere with these worries should I? 


Love to all x N 

Radiotherapy is a fantastic treatment,but leaves many with aches and pains- it’s hard on the body

some people have no problems, others have severe issues

if it was me,I would trust your oncologist and live every moment

good luck and good health to you xxx 

I'm 4 years on and suffer pain under my hysterectomy scar...I'm finally going for an ultrasound on Monday to check for what I dont know,  before cancer I ran 7 miles 4/5 days a week I went to the gym.. i was diagnosed at 27 I'm 31 now and like an old women my body hurts constantly I'm exhausted all the time, no matter how well I sleep 

Also Can radiotherapy make a hip condition worse. Since radio therapy my snapping hip is getting worse...I dont know if that is because of pelvic radiotherapy or just because I'm like everyone else getting older each day. 


Nat I could have written this myself. I’m also 2 years on and I have so many little aches and pains. 

I also think it comes and goes but I find myself up at night questioning that. It’s awful just not knowing what “feels right”. 

I think I am going to mention it to my GP and go from there. But maybe I’ll just go straight to my oncologist. 

What will you do? I think if we’re in doubt we should contact our med team. 

Hope you’re ok x



I opted for an MRI and the results are in - I'm fine! good news x 

We're off to love abroad. I need a brain break!