Ache in groin/top of legs after trachelectomy

Hi Ladies,
I’m hoping others who have had trachelectomy and/or lymphnode removal might be able to help…
I’m three weeks post op after my trachelectomy and removal of 15 lymphnodes. I’m recovering fairly well and am up and about, walking around every day etc. But for the past week or so I’ve noticed a strange aching feeling in the tops of my legs/groin area/hip flexor area. It’s a dull ache and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Sometimes I find that moving around helps it, but other times it seems worse if I’ve been walking too much.
I don’t think I have any swelling - maybe a tiny bit at the tops of my thighs on this inside, but it’s hard to tell (I might be being paranoid about that!). But the pain is quite annoying and I’m really worried it could be the beginning of Lymphedema. Or maybe it’s to do with nerve damage? I am still quite numb at the tops of both legs.
Has any one else experienced something similar? IDE be really grateful for any advice/assurance.

Many thanks

Kat xx

I am at exactly the same point as you, and went to my gp this week really upset about the aches and thinking it was something awful, he assures me that it is just the nerves re-settling and I have been taking painkillers to make it easier to move about as I find this helps.

try not to worry, saw the consultant yesterday too and he says it's normal.  I was really panicked as I don't feel pain in any of the places that I thought I would and have been confused by these aches etc. 

Please PM me if I can help at all.




Hi Kat,

After I had a load of lymph nodes removed I found my legs really heavy and difficult to operate. I had to go up and down stairs sideways! I asked my Dr about it but he was as useful as a chocolate fireguard, he just raised his eyebrows in an "are you mad?' kind of a way. Anyway, that was getting on for three years ago now, everything all settled down over time, I can't remember exactly how long, 3 or 4 months maybe? Anyway, all is well now so try not to stress about it. Our bodies are quite incredible when it comes to getting used to being hacked about and having random parts removed. If only Self-assembly furniture was as accommodating! ;-)

Go Well