Accepting I'm a newbie

Hi, I had a biopsy a few weeks ago from a lump on my cervix. Had an MRI on Monday which looks clear. Got results Wednesday that I have cervical cancer. Now waiting for Ct scan next week and to find out the master plan. I don’t feel ill which makes this whole process feel very surreal. Not really sure yet what to expect or how sick I will feel with treatment. Focus is on my 3 boys this weekend as we tell the eldest what’s going on (age 14)

Hi Caroline :-)

Welcome to the forum. I am sorry for your diagnosis but very glad that you have found us here. This is a really friendly and supportive community. Yes, being told you have cancer when you don't feel ill is most certainly a surreal experience. As luck would have it the treatments for this form of cancer are surprisingly doable and extremely successful. If you have any questions at all ask them here and keep right away from Google.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Caroline

im sorry about your diagnosis, I was diagnosed June 20 and have actually just finished treatment, it still feels surreal as I never had any symtoms As well.  

telling people is a personal thing but until you know what the plan is I suggest not telling your kids. It was so much easier for me to tell my older 2 after I had known the plan. I could them tell them and keep thier stress low. When you say the word cancer it really scares people. But , again your choice. 

From the sounds of it they have caught your cancer early. They will give you the best treatment for your case. Try to stay positive and prepare some extra meals to freeze for the next few weeks. 

as tivoli has mentioned stay away from Google. I'm still surprised how the information is so outdated or misleading. 

Know you are not alone and don't be afraid to post and get involved in the forum. It really helps feeling connected especially once it all hits you mentally.