Absolutely pooping myself :(

Hey all,

I've recently had my smear - Results came back with HPV & mild dyskaryosis.....so, I have to go for a colposcopy next Thursday - not been given much info apart from the scary CANCER SCREENING leaflets...which then go on to say you're not dying don't panic! -.-


Is the procedure painful? I didn't find the smear itself an issue - wondered what all the fuss was about really.....

feeling kind of alone in all of this - not something I feel comfortable talking about with partner/friends....

any help/advice would be grateful :(

Hey Josie

its all very surreal isn't it? The doctors seem so blasé about it. Yet as you said we are left 'pooping ourselves' and in the dark for so long. 

Anyway, from my personal experience I didn't find the colposcopy painful at all. It's similar to the smear but  they look at things in a bit more detail. 

Having the biopsy may sting a little but that's only for a split second. 

Dont give the procedure a second thought. 


Best at of luck with it all. 


Hi Josie, 

As Michelle says its really nothing to worry about, i had the colposcopy and had to have a biopsy because they couldnt work out if the cells were abnormal or not, after the biopsy (which really didnt hurt at all at most it was slightly uncomfortable) I got a letter through saying I did have abnormal cells so had to come in to get them removed, I was a little anxious about this becuase they told my I'd have to have a local anaesthetic and i really didnt like the thought of a needle "up there" but in fact that turned out to be a breeze, I couldnt feel the needle go in as our nerves our different up there and after that of course it was numbed so didnt feel anything. 

As far as if you have cancer or not, honestly you dont the chances of what you have ever even turning into cancer are really slim and thats if you didnt get them removed but you are so its really fine please dont stress about it. 

Its good to tell your partner or someone about it though, i couldnt imagine bottling it all up! 

Good luck, soon it will all be over :) 


The colpscopy isn't painful, it's like a big smear where they insert a speculum to open you up and they shine a big light and camera in .l. The camera doesn't touch you.   I didn't like the feel of the cotton swabs they use to dry off my cervix but it wasn't sore.  They did 3 biopsies for me - They were a little crampy afterwards and not the best experience but I can not say they were painful. It's more the indignity of it all, but I guess once you walk out that door you can be you again no one need know.  

Hi Josie, 

I have just had my results back today and they are the same as yours, I am currently waiting for a letter with a colposcopy appointment. Plus thoses leaflets are SCARY (actually made me feel quite sick with nerves when I saw it!! 

I also feel the same about not sharing info with my partner or friends so get how you feel. Its nice to find people to share my feelings to. I dont think I have ever felt so unsure, had so many questions and really nervous :S Looking forward to getting it over and done with - im not enjoying waiting! 

Hope everything works out ok for you - all the best