About to start Brachy

ive just completed 25 fractions of external radio & going to start brachytherapy soon. any advice of things to take into hospital (staying in 2 nights) and any advice on how to stay comfortable while being stuck on my back for so long ( I even sleep on my side or stomach)

thanks xx


I had a two separate one night hospital stays for my Brachy (14 hours) and it was boring but the time did pass reasonably quickly. I took with me some drinks and snacks, magazines and made sure my phone was fully charged also had a TV in my room. I too don’t usually sleep on my back but the nurses raised me a little With pillows and apart from feeling a little stiff had no discomfort. I wish I had taken my iPad to watch Netflix as think that would have Helped to pass the time quicker. Good luck with your treatment x

Your body just knows to stay flat on your back. I’m a side sleeper and was worried I’d instinctively roll over but you don’t. It just knows. 

The time does pass quickly. I had a tv on in my room and watched a lot of the Big Bang theory. The nurses were in and out a lot. It’s tricky to read because of lying down. 

Good luck with it. You will do well and better than you think 

Thanks, starting to feel a little sick with nerves but happy it’s nearly all done with now!