About to go crazy! Please need some insight.

Had a smear done after an 8 year absence from them, always had "abnormal paps" in the past my docs always brushed it off.  Well, my latest pap comes back severly abnormal.  Had a transvaginal ultrasound done and found an irregular lesion on my mucular portion and endocervical canal 4.5mm. Mind you i have been having horrible symptoms for almost a year now. Severe pain during intercourse or self gratification,  no normal bowels at all ( either contipated or diarrhea) extreme fatigue and weakness very heavy cycles with pain that puts me in bed for days and last for 8 to 10 days,  constant left side pain and sever stabbing burning pain in lower pelvic area. Theres more but its a long list. Doc did say yes to atleast cin3, and i have masses throughout my lymph system, going in for a colposcopy on monday, should i be worried?