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A place for people who have been recently diagnosed with cervical cancer to find support.

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Hi.This is my first post on this site after being diagnosed only yesterday.After all the test’s i now have some answer’s,but not all. Very scary!!
Still got too have another biopsiy and a pet scan,will know more next week and then start on what ever treatment i need.
Hope there are some lovely helpful people out there to try and help though this terrible diagnosis.
Have been assured this is the place to be.

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Hello i only got diagnosed on the 23rd and finally got some answers last week that I have stage 1b1 and having a radial hysterectomy at the end of the month. Very scary, im so nervous. Message me anytime xx

Going 2moz for app 2 see what type of cancer cells,if it has spread,which they think it has and 2 see what treatment there is for me. As i said before it is very scary,but there are people out there.
I wish you luck with your treatment and try not 2 worry 2 much(she say’s) Concentrate on the positive’s​:+1::crossed_fingers:

Hope all is well with you,as well as it can be🤪Going 2 start chemo on tuesday,very scary😱
Just want 2 start something,so it seem’s as if i’m doing something,just sitting here waiting. Was going 2 work for a few hour’s each week up til now. Haven’t been this week because of the pain i’m in. So not much normality in my life at the moment,but am going out for cake 2day😃
That will take a few hour’s of worry away😜


Hi, I was diagnosed 1A1 in September and was supposed to be having radical hysterectomy on Monday. However I’ve now contracted Covid and it has been put back to March. Absolutely devastated, I was so psyched up and ready to beat this. Xx

Hey how did your treatment go? How are you feeling? X

Treatment went well,all sorted,but very painful. Unfortunately there is some damage to my kidney ,so now on an emergency list for an op

Thanks for asking,hope all ok in your world
Cheers Debz xx

I’m OK. Had my 1year scan today and got my nephrostomy tube changed. Having a lot of problems with my bowel and late effects of radiation so on a waiting list for a camera and then possible laser surgery but back on morphine :face_with_raised_eyebrow: hope you don’t have to wait too long to get ur op for ur kidneys. Cancer eh? The gift that keeps giving! On a brighter note I got new hair for Christmas which I love.xx

Ha ha yer i got new hair 4 christmas,not that i could show it off any where.
Still waiting 4 op,now starving me 2 death,u are right,cancer the gift that keeps giving.
Don’t no how many more gifts i can take😭 Very gruelling.
Cheers Debz x

Hang in there, hopefully the next part of your journey is speedier than the last. It must be getting better now with more restrictions lifting etc x

Hi @suzy_459

I have been diagnosed as 1a1. in my case I had a leep in june for what it was supposed to be CIN2 removal. Then the pathologist identified 1 mm of SCC that was completely removed (clear margin
ins). However the tissue as a whole has a focal positive margin on the endocervical side. however the ECC after the leep is negative. I will have an appointment with the OB next Wednesday, and we will discuss next steps. he has given me the option of hysterctomy or second leep. my MRI done on Monday came negative. is your case similar to mine? I am 38.

Hi I was diagnosed with cervical cancer yesterday and am feeling scared. I have a PET scan next week and am waiting for an MRI. I wondered if anyone is at the same stage as me.

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I’m at the exact same stage honey xxxxx

It’s so scary isn’t it?! Nice to reach out and know there’s other women going through the exact same thing :sparkling_heart:xxxx

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 2 weeks ago and today told I’m at lease 1a1 but having an mri Sunday to see if there is any lymph node involvement.

Hi I just wondered how you have been did you get your hysterectomy? I’ve just been diagnosed and told it’s at least 1a1 hanging an mri on Sunday to check for lymph node involvement xx