Abortion post trachelectomy??

Hi everyone...this is very much a theoretical question and I am not for or against abortion but this popped into my head last night....

I've had a radical trachelectomy so a permanent stitch holds my uterus together....what would happen if I ever needed a late abortion for any medical reason?? Would I have to have a full Caesarean or would they do something with the stitch? It randomly just popped into my head last night as I'm getting closer to the stage where my partner and I can get intimate again and the Dr told me in no uncertain terms that I shouldn't get pregnant for at least a year so I wondered what would happen if I did by mistake? Very very theoretical as I'll make sure we're careful as possible.

Apologies if this post hits a nerve with anyone!

Sarah x

Hi Sarah

I hope your recovery is going well? 

If you were to need a late abortion I believe that this would have to be done surgically as your cervix could not dilate enough.  I am not sure what kind of surgery this would require.

Depending on when you got pregnant I am fairly certain that they wouldn't try and make you have an abortion anyway.  Doctors opinions on when you can get pregnant after a trachelectomy vary wildly.  I have heard of some people getting the all clear to try and conceive after only 3 months and others being told over a year.  I think the all clear after 3 months is very rare but 6 months is not uncommon at all.  I have also read this in articles about trachelectomys.  My own Doctor has told me to wait 9 months.  This was because he was also aware of some Doctors saying 6 months and others saying a year, so he went with the 'middle ground'!

I have also heard of people getting pregnant and having successful pregnancies after 3 and 6 months.  

You should absolutely be as careful as possibe and follow the advice of your doctor - as your cervix will need to heal sufficiently in order to support a pregnancy. But if you do accidentally get pregnant before a year is up I don't think it would necessarily be a massive issue.

I hope this puts your mind at ease.  Good luck with the healing.


Hi Nellie,

Its crazy all the random things that pop into your head with all these new health experiences!!

Thanks hon....that makes me feel better....I've never got pregnant by accident before so the chances of it happening are very small but it's still a worry! Pesky brain needs to stop thinking about things!!

Hope you're ok hon