Abornormal smear

Had a smear 3years ago was clear no hpv, smear in march shows hpv, slightly abnormal cells and large ectropian, some slight pelvic pain, am i right to be going out my mind?

Hiya, I had an abnormal smear a few years back which was due to HPV. It can disappear of it's own accord but if it remains then it may affect your smear test. I know its hard not be scared cos I know that I was too. I was asked to go for a repeat smear 6 months later which came back absolutely fine so hopefully this will happen to you too. I have only just found out in my recent smear that I too have an ectropion and it's nothing unusual really but if you are experiencing pelvic pain you need to speak to your nurse/doctor about any concerns you have with thisĀ