Abnormality found during pelvic exam


My last smear test was November 2010, but I have bleeding in between periods, not all the time just a handful of times.  I mentioned this to my doctor last week who examined me and told me I had an abnormality on my cervix.  She said it was a raised patch and was quite red.  She said she would refer me to gynecology.  I just left her office and said thats fine.  But I have been worried and can't stop thinking I have cancer and if she could see it, it must be advanced.  Should I be worried and will I probably be seen quite quickly.  I'm 48.

Hi Holly,

My nurse said I had a large erosion on my cervix, which can be quite common but does look alarming. If your gp is worried you will be called for a colposcopy to check it out properly. I had a smear on 14 Jan and a colposcopy on 31 Jan as I had severe cell changes picked up.

I know it's impossible but try not to worry until you have some definite news (I wish I could take my own advice haha!). There are so many things that can cause the cervix to look abnormal and it's not necessarily meaning cancer. It could be erosion, a polyp, inflammation, all sorts.

I'm sure you'll be seen quickly and if anything is picked up they will treat you asap.

Hope you are feeling ok and that you can get seen soon to put your mind at ease. Don't be afraid of giving them a call if you are concerned.






Hi Jo

Thanks for that,  I have heard of erosions on the cervix and hoping that's what it may be.  I know the only thing I can do is wait until I'm seen, some days I'm optimistic, others I'm imagining all sorts lol.  Anyway thanks again, much appreciated, and hope your ok.







I have been called for appointments for a hysteroscopy and a trans vaginal scan, this is not what i was expecting because of the abnormality on my cervix, don't know if this is good or bad

Hi there,

i had a trans vaginal ultrasound too because at first they suspected I had fibroids or cysts (I had terrible period pains).

I'm not sure what a hysteroscopy is entirely so hopefully someone else can offer advice?

Try not to worry too much, it looks like they are taking steps to check everything out for you. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your appointment.


keep us posted!

Thanks Jo xx