Abnormality disappeared!?

I have a 9 month old beautiful girl, following her birth I started taking the mini pill (the same as I took before trying to conceive). My daughter is breastfed and periods returned after around 4 months. I had bleeding, spotting, clumpy brown discharge very frequently and with no pattern. For example over the past 40 days I’ve had 28 days bleeding, 6 days with no blood or discharge and then the rest has been brown thick clumpy discharge.
I visited the GP to request a change in contraception. Gp examined me and saw “an abnormal area on my cervix and a large polyp or growth of some description. Doesn’t look like a polyp in that it wasn’t on a stalk” gp looked like she had seen a ghost. She was shocked by what she saw on my cervix. She dashed off to the computer, I joined her and I asked if the thing she had seen could just be removed? She looked up from her key board slowly (as if to say you don’t get the severity of this) and said…they won’t just take that off in first appointment. It’s too big. It’ll probably need to be done in theatre under general anaesthetic. I felt sick. S**t this was serious I thought.
I was referred to see gynecologist through the 2 week cancer pathway. Attended my appointment to be told there is nothing there.
Now this is great news. I am relieved BUT I do not understand how this can happen. Can anyone help me understand please? How can a big growth disappear? Where did it go? Will it come back? Can I relax now or has the gynecologist missed something?

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How very odd! As you say great news but obviously very confusing to have such conflicting results. You would assume the gynaecologist would give the most accurate results but it would play on my mind too. Can you ask for a second opinion? Did the gynaecologist offer any explanation?

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I am so confused. The doctor today offered no explanation at all. All she said was to trust her, there was nothing there. I was in a state of shock I think. I can’t understand how it’s gone. Absolute mystery. I plan to try and see the same GP again ASAP and tell her what happened at the hospital. I need to see a gp anyway to try solve the contraception issue, if that is what the issue is.
I wabted to leave the hospital today relieved but I feel too confused to be confidently relieved. If that makes sense?

It does make sense, you’ve seen two doctors. One told you something that was pretty worrying and the other told you everything was absolutely fine. The fact the GP suggested that whatever it was is big makes it even more bizarre. I think speaking to the same GP again is a good idea, perhaps she could give you another check to confirm if what she thought she saw is definitely gone. I’m sure that would give you more peace of mind.

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Honestly, the waiting at first is the absolute worst. Once you have a plan it will get better, well it did for me. Please stop googling…….for your own sanity and it will always be wrong. There’ll be lots of advice and support on here when you need it and the blogs can be useful to. I used an app called Ankr to help me in the fight. I think it’s free and available on app store (iPhone). Search for Ankr - Cancer care companion. good luck with the results x.

The GP may have seen something she misunderstood, if the gynaecologist looked/examined you I would be reassured. You can always ask for a second opinion.

Hi Tillpot,

It’s a mystery - but it’s occurred to me (I’ve read your post several times) that your GP (who is not the expert) saw one of the discharge clumps you’ve been describing on the cervix, and thought it was a growth, although it had no ‘stalk’ - so more likely something stuck on your cervix which had passed out by the time you saw the Gynae? It’s the only explanation I can think of as it’s not possible for a visible growth to come and go like that. Also your Gynae is an expert in such matters and couldn’t see ANYTHING in the way of a ‘growth’. Thank goodness you got to see the Gynae! However, I would not be happy with 28 days of bleeding and discharge in a month… this has to be investigated. It could be the pill, it could be infection - definitely chase this one up. What it doesn’t sound like is cancer… xxxx