I'd like to hear your views ..... I've had abnormal smears on and off for the past few years, I was monitored and had colposcopy every 6 months abnormalities all cleared up by themselves CIN1.  However, my last smear was abnormal again so I had a colposcopy on Friday and they took 2 biopsies, results due in next 4 weeks.  Dr suggesting that I now have it treated as it's persistent, it will clear the abnormalities at present but doesn't prevent it coming back again.   Or I can just carry on being monitored.  I also have high risk HPV, that's why they are keeping me monitored.  So my concerns, if I have it treated, if it's persistent will it come back more aggressive? ..... What to do .....

Hi Samantha,

I'm sorry you've had another abnormal smear. As someone who's had abnormal smears for years myself I can understand what a nightmare it can be.

The treatment they use (LLETZ) in most cases triggers the body into fighting the HPV which causes the abnormalities, it's successful in 95-98% of women and they will be 'cured'. If you haven't yet had this it may be worth a try. Often it's the persistent HR-HPV that can continue to cause abnormalites, and ladies can also be infected by another partner if successfully treated. HPV is very common though, and most women have it without it causing any problems. 

In my case my body can't clear the HPV and treatment has been unsuccessful - the cells have recurred within 6 months both times. But you may find that having LLETZ is the key to helping you beat this. If you really don't want to have treatment and it's CIN 1 then you could continue to be monitoried, but bearing in mind the persistence as your doctor has said, it's defintely worth considering. It wont make the abnormalities more aggressive, and may mean it helps you get rid of this once and for all.

All the best to you whatever you decide.