Abnormalities found but things moving slowly

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and decided to join as my local area currently doesn't have a Jo's Trust meeting. I'm 32 and have just had my first smear in a long time due to personal issues. I have mild and moderate abnormalities but while I didn't have anything removed (except biopsy samples) at the colposcopy, they aren't doing anything at the follow-up appointment either. The appointments line understandably can't tell me anything beyond 'you will not be having any treatment at that appointment' but I'm puzzled - they wanted to see me within 6 weeks of my colposcopy, but are not treating the cells yet. Why would that be? Thanks in advance for any info, and apologies that it's a bit long.

Any advice please? I've been worrying for a week now.

Hi Cherryade,

Did your biopsies confirm mild and moderate dysplasia?

It is possible for abnormalities to regress on their own, so maybe they just want to give your body an opportunity to heal alone. Mild abnormalities need no treatment in general. Moderate abnormalities are usually treated by leep, but this is not urgent. I'll be having my leep two months later than colposcopy, and when I scheduled it the nurse told me that I could wait more if I wanted because it's not urgent at all.

In your next colposcopy they will take biopsies if they see abnormalities and if some moderate dysplasia is found, I think they will schedule the leep.


Thanks pipo - the letter described it as CIN1 and CIN2 they found and that they need to discuss treatment.

Thank you for confirming that it's not urgent too - the lady I spoke to said they must see me within 6 weeks of the colposcopy, so I thought it meant that something needed to be done quickly.