Abnormalities after lletz


I'm just after a bit of advice and to hear others experiences.

I've already had lletz once, in aug '12. My follow up smear came back clear but with HPV present so off I trott to another colposcopy (yesterday) turns out my smear wasn't clear and more abnormalities have been found. I had a biopsy and I will be called back for lletz if necessary. The nurse I see will do biopsy before treatment due to my age and having no children.

I'm trying to be optimistic and think that the changes haven't happened quickly they just haven't been spotted before (let a girl have hope!)  I'm slightly terrified but oddly clam about it all now. I haven't delt with it all too well until yesterday and something just clicked, hence feeling oddly clam. 

Anyway! To my point, how common is it to have abnormal results after 2 rounds of lletz or do any of you have similar experiences? Does anyone have any experience of persistent abnormalities that haven't been CC?

I know I am lucky only having abnormalities and nothing more sinister, I take my hat off to the ladies that have fought cc or are currently going through it. You're all amazing xx

I think it's to do with the hpv, but could be wrong. I was told by my gp it can lie dormant & just flare up as & when. I had borderline 14 years ago but after only a punch biopsy it all went back to normal by itself. All further smears normal until last year. Smear was borderline & colpo results came back cin3 & cgin3. Gp said that if they'd been able to test me 14yrs ago he thinks hpv would have been present. I think that the hpv must have been laying dormant for all my other smears as they were normal. I guess it's just flared up & altered my cell shape hence my recent results. I'm not sure if this helps or not but maybe someone else has been in a more similar situation.


I had LLETZ done last year and my recent follow up smear came back abnormal again. Mine was just mild so they are going to leave for 6 months - whilst I keep my fingers firmly crossed!

I dont really have any answers and there is not much info out there, but just wanted to say I know how you feel. Its really gutting when you just wanted all the nasty cells to bugger off!


Cat xxxx

Hi, I know exactly how you feel, I've had two lletz so far and just got the appointment letter this morning for my 6 month check (all my info is at the end of my post). I knew already my appointment was due next week but seeing that envelope this morning is after giving me a bit of an anxiety attack, which is why I came on here to try calm myself down.  I'm hoping exactly the same thing as you said -that the last time the abnormalities had been missed rather than appeared from nothing in 6 months. I actually haven't totally relaxed in the last 6 months at all I've had this date at the back of my head the whole time. I'm praying that I will be clear this time and be able to relax. Good luck with your biopsy results.

I so know that feeling about the dreaded letters - get a horrible sinking feeling every time I see one!

I really hope your next results come back clear, keep us posted!



Thank you.

I'm with you on the not being able to fully relax, it's feels like my life is a six monthly cycle of tests... The other day I found myself thinking " right, if this is going to turn into something nasty can it please just hurry up so I can stop waiting and just deal with it already" which it terrible!! I do not want that and I know how lucky I am not to be going through much worse! (Feel free to give me a virtual slap for that)

So, I've taken a new stance on this. Instead of waiting for the next appointment and the next set of results and all the what ifs that go they bring, I'm going to push it to the back ofmy mind get on with life and just deal with the punches as they happen! (lets see how long that lasts) I am going to go mental otherwise!

I've got my fingers crossed for you all too, keep me posted with how you get on