Abnormal, then normal, then abnormal again.

Hello. Just looking for any input.


I had CIN III in 2017, followed by a cervical conization. 

After the conization had an infection that ended up scarring my cervix, enough scarring that ended up closing my cervix permanently. I had a hysteroscopy that was unsuccessful, so a hysterectomy was advised as my period was “stuck” inside for lack of a better term.


I had a normal pap after the conization, but prior to the hysterectomy.


I’m three months post hysterectomy and have just had a pap. My pap came back as “abbormal, low grade”


Can you offer any insight on this? Since I’ve had CIN III before, is it likely it could become that again?


When hey performed the hysterectomy, they were unable to remove my cervix as there were adhesions and they didn’t want to nic the bladder.


Any Input is helpful, I’m so upset with this last pap result.