abnormal smears for 18 months

Hi, im hoping someone can give me some advice, I have had abnormal smears for the past 18 months, The first came back with CIN3, I had some lletz treatment and went back 3 months later, The next colposcopy showed mild changes, Like i said this has been going on for 18 months, I had a colposcopy in february, Again the results were abnormal, I had to go back and have a loop biopsy, The results have come back again and i have CIN3, I have recieved and appointment to see a consultant on the 12th of April (since this began i have never seen a consultant, Just a nurse who carried out the colposcopys) Apparently he wants to discuss 'further management' I have no idea what this means, What i wanted to ask is this, Is it possible for me to ask for a hystorectomy? I have spent the last 18 months worried sick after each colposcopy/biposy and its really getting me down, I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me, Thankyou


I'm sorry you're in this situation. As someone who hasn't had a normal smear for years I do understand how it can really get you down, and that horrid anxious feeling every time you have another check. I guess with the 'further management' comment they'll be considering the best way forward for you treatment wise as the CIN has come back twice now, but I don't know any more than that I'm afriad. 12 April must seem a long way off at the moment, could you chat to your GP in the mean time? Or maybe ring the Jo's helpline?

I'm sorry I don't have any answers but I wanted to reply rather than read and run. I understand how scary all this can be, and how isolating too. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information available for those of us whose CIN comes back, and that can be hard too. 

Take good care of yourself x

Hi and thanks for the reply, Yes the 12th does seem a long time away but i am quite looking forward to seeing the consultant so i can get some answers, I am going to see my GP this week so hopefully he will be able to tell me some more

Hi sally

I can understand where you are coming from as I am in a similar sort of waiting game.  I would like to know what happens if we keep having abnormal smears, lletz etc what happens next?  It is constantly hanging over us without a real solution?  seems that even if it is clear it can still come back?

Did you get any more info from your doctor this week? 


Hi, im sorry i havent replied, ive had internet problems, I didnt go to see my doctor, I decided against it, I just want to wait and see what the consultant says, I am there tomorrow morning so i will post an update when i have any news, Thankyou again for the replies

just back from seeing the consultant, the cin3 has spread quite badly and i have been offered a hysterectomy, my head is all over the place, initally i was pleased that this will all be over but now it is sinking in, i am 38 and will probably never have more children but the fact that the decision is no longer mine is whats upsetting me, I know its the right thing to do, Its either a hysterectomy or cancer, My head is just all over the place at the minute