Abnormal smears, colposcopy, borderline changes, biopsy, pregnancy, HPV, London.

Hello guys.


I have a few concerns regarding abnormal smears and HPV.


I'm a 30-year-old woman and I live in London.

I have always attended my routine smears and for the last two years have been getting abnormal results (borderline changes). The advice was always to just keep attending my routine checks. Last year, I was given a referral for a colposcopy, which showed minor abnormalities, and was told to go back for a second colposcopy in a year's time. In the meantime I attended my routine smear at my GP's, which they said came back as normal ("They didn't call us from the hospital, so I think it's normal", which seemed pretty vague an answer if you ask me). A couple of months later my colposcopy was due. The doctor didn't want to visit me because he could see my history in the system and said my last smear was normal, so it would be a waste of time. He made me feel very uncomfortable for my insisting he visited me, and when he finally came to see me in the room he said: "Here is M, the one who's perfectly healthy bit wants to be visited all the same.", which I thought was grossly unprofessional, but anyway. Only a second later he was looking inside me with perplexity, and when I looked back and saw my cervix on the screen, it was clear even to myself there was something wrong with my cervix (a white patch and some reddish areas). Without even telling me, the doctor executed a biopsy. He then told me it was not cancer but there were abnormalities, results in a months time, thank you very much. I was left very perplexed. Later in the day, and to make matters more complicated, I had a positive result on a pregnancy test (had communicated to the doctor prior to the visit I might be pregnant as I'd been trying to conceive for over a year). My questions now are:


1)Will the biopsy affect the sticking of this pregnancy (had a miscarriage four months ago at six weeks)?


2)If a CIN is detected, can I get treatment (laser?, freezing?) during pregnancy?


3)If treatment is not undertaken during pregnancy, what is the rate of degeneration of a CIN?


4)Has anyone had a white patch on her cervix which did not turn out to be a CIN?


5)Do you think I need a second opinion? Is private healthcare my only alternative? If so, do you know any good doctors?


Thanks a lot for reading my long post and thanks anyone who's willing to share their own experiences or advices.






Hi. The doctor you saw needs a crash course in bedtime manner! Poor you.
I can answer some of your questions I think. I got pregnant between two lletz and as they cannot carry out treatment to the cervix without risk to the pregnancy, I was closely monitored. As they keep an eye on you, they can tell whether something gets really wrong. As for the biopsy done, I’m guessing since you told the Dr you were trying, he wouldn’t have done smth that could jeopardise a pregnancy. You could always ring to double check. Good luck.

Hi, hope the biopsy will be ok. As for your questions:

1) biopsy is only a tiny sample, i really do not think it would affect your pregnancy. 2) if CIN is detected, you will be monitored during your pregnancy. It quite often goes back to normal after you give birth.  3) rate of degerenation of CIN varries, but it is usually faster as your immune system is weakend/slightly down during pregnancy 4) i had slight milky patch that turned out to be CIN2, sorry! 5) wait for the biopsy first. I know a fantastic and experienced private doctor in Epsom/Ashtead Surrey if you live anywhere near... Good news is your smear was clear so i am sure there is nothing to worry about. Good luck with the pregnancy :). 

Hey ladies,

thank you very much for your replies.

Aaaargh, I'm very worried about this white area.

I don't live near Surrey but would certainly travel there for a good doctor. It would be great if you could inbox me a contact number. I'd really appreciate it.

Well, also good luck to you ladies for whatever you are going through. This HPV is so insidious! 

Fingers crossed and hugs all over.




Hi Monika,

i really would not be worried about the white area. If it was something suspicious,i doubt your smear would be normal :-). Just relax and enjoy life :))). I will inbox you my doctor's details 



Thank you very much! :) Same to you of course!

Hi Monica,

By all means go to a private gynaecologist for this episode in your life, but for the rest of your life, change your GP, and explain why. That behaviour is outrageous!

Be lucky




Sorry I can't answer most your questions but to re-assure you about biopsy I am also pregnant and my consultant told me that a biopsy won't interrup the pregnancy. However, they won't treat any abnormalites during pregancy just monitor you.

I'd wait for your biopsy results rather than get a second opinion, however I would request with the colposcopy clinic to see another doctor next time. He sounded very rude, I'm sure they would let you see someone else.


Hope all goes well xx

Hello, sorry this is years after your post but I’m looking for somewhere in the Epsom area that I can have annual smears. Where is the place you’re referring to? Thank you.