Abnormal smear

I had a smear test 6 months ago and it came back abnormal. I had another one done yesterday. I am worried sick waiting for the results its going to be a long couple of weeks. Had this happened to anyone else? I just don’t know what to expect. Nurse says in some cases the cells sort themselves out in the 6months but there’s also that chance they don’t.

Hi yes that is correct ,in my experience mine came back abnormal again and had a colposcopy which resulted in a cone biopsy,and that was the end of that.,no further treatment.the majority of the time the cells do return to normal so try and  focus on that (easy for me to say) abnormal smears are very common and it really tells us the importance of smears.if your result is abnormal dont fear as it can be easily treated if any needed at all.good luck.iam also waiting on results