Abnormal smear

Hi, my story so far is as follows


after having two children at 20 and 21 i was invited for a smear (I live in Wales). My first smear revealed borderline cell changes cin1 and the letter was reassuring. I went back for my second smear in August 2015 and have since received a letter. It is a much more brief letter than the first stating I have an abnormal result and I need a colposcopy; my local hospital will contact me for an appointment etC. The bit that concerns me is it doesn't state the abnormality as it did the first time? Is this common? any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks

Hey hun, to be honest it seems like various places do their letters differently, some tell you the grade and others don't. Mine told me that my results were high grade, but others I have spoken to have had letters like yours just telling them to go in for a colposcopy.  Them wanting to do this doesn't necessarily mean your cells are high grade, they may still be low grade but they have decided they need to look more closely as they haven't gone away since last time or you have the hpv infection. The only way to find out is to go and have it done. The procedure sounds worse than it is and youll be fine. Don't panic if they do turn out to be high grade, mine were and they were 'severe', but she did a loop excision there and then to remove them which I didn't find painful at all. I'm waiting at the moment for the results. I got myself in a bit a of state before I went because of what my letter said, but the nurse was wonderful and calmed me down. Hope it all goes well hun xx

Thank you! Not too worried as I have been told it's really common? Was the wording of the letter that concerned me so to hear it is standard procedure reassured me a lot. hopefully will be able to just monitor if it's low grade! 

Also I hope your results are good x 

Danf2015 my letter said the same. So annoying isn't it. Did you get sorted? x